Wes Bay
Wes Bay is an enigma wraped up in a mystery inside a soft taco shell. Since the 1976 hit "Godzillas in the Mist", Wes has been in hiding. The photograph on this page is the ony one we could find.

Wes began his training as an artist in the summer of 1969 in New York working with pop artists Stanley Warhol and Stig Attwood. The three of them created the instalation "Urine On The Sidewalk" for the Googenburg Museum. Following the lawsuit and subsequent trial, Wes left New York for the sunnier climate and people of San Fransisco.

It was there in the west that Wes discovered his second love - music. In 1972 he was asked to join a new band being formed by fellow artists Nell Yung and Stephenie Sills. That group "Velvet Elvis" was very influential on the not-yet-formed punk movement later that decade. The band broke up in an explosion of lawsuits and harrassment charges in the spring of 1975.

That summer Wes, tired of the music scene, went back to making films. "Godzillas In The Mist" a film about early avation pioneers won him the first in a series of "Gold Sprocket" prizes at the 1976 Whole World Film Awards.

Next Wes went on a money raising expedition to fund his next project the far-seeing "Silicon Spider" a feature movie about computers that talk to each other with his friend "S.K.", who was assumed to be Stanley Kubric. After raising an unknown, but some say quite large sum of money, Wes fled for Argentina. No charges were laid.

The next 20 years saw only one Wes Bay project, the infamous 1984 "Strudel Festival". Wes hired 80 of the worlds best clasical string players for a "special performance" of his piece entitled "The Mind of a String Player". In a bizzare letter to each they were instructed to leave their instruments behind. Wes claimed he had invented the perfect instrument to reflect the string players personality and temperment. Each player would be allowed to keep the instrument after the performance. Wes was so confident of the players abilities he would not allow a single rehersal, or anyone to see the score before-hand.

The night of the show many of the players refused to participate when Wes started handing out his "instruments" on-stage - foot long pieces of apple strudel - he expected the musicians to "improvise" on. After the ensuing brawl, Wes again fled, this time to Canada.

Wes re-apeared in 1996 when Pilot Records, a Vancouver-based record company hired him as a producer. Wes had minor triumphs with bands such as Dic Scene, Sonique, The Skunk Brothers, and the Flesh Ripping Weasles.

In 2000 Wes once again returned to film with his series "The Andersons", and remakes of his seldom seen comic "Weeds" for PTV. Wes currently has 14 films in development for HyperCyberMegaGlobleTec.

With his catalogue of over 200 films, and his latest series "King Fu" causing quite a stir on the internet film circut, Wes is bound to stick around this time.

* Editor's note: The part of Wes Bay is played by Ian for the winter season.

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