We came in to work one monday a few years ago and discovered these little gems. Seems one of our animators tried to complete an "A to Z" of short moral tales played out by weeds. If you've seen him let us know. He still owes us money.

Alice takes a life-altering trip.
Bill has trouble with the shopping.
Cecil was a weightlifter. I say was.
Daryl was an artist.
Eugene is playing with _ _ _ _.
Frank and Annette take a slow boat to China.
Gary was a film star.
Hellen wins with gymnastics.
Ike was not a weightlifter. I say was not.
Jimmy takes a trip to the "Love Shop".
Kevin is playing with the school band, sort of.
Leon's girls think "Pimp" is such a cute word.
Turn, turn, turn.
Playing with germs.
Stanley was as thin as a blade of grass.

Last updated Jan. 2006
©Wes Bay