Real Nature World

"Real Nature World: Question #1"
They seem so carefree.

"Real Nature World: Question #2"
A tree goes nuts, and just snaps.

"Real Nature World: Question #3"
An old question about bears and the woods is answered.

"Real Nature World: Question #4"
The true north.

"Real Nature World: Question #5"
Bears again. But in the dark this time.

"Real Nature World: Question #6"
Of chickens and eggs is this tale I tell.

In "Freeda" the end of the world can be plainly seen, if not felt.
She's real cute. Check her out It's a revolution out there.!
She likes basketball.
It's never too late. What a cut-up!!
She's real cute too...It's too bad about her mind.!
A flatulent hottie.
Looking for less in a relationship.
The wedding princess.

The Andersons
"Jungle Drums"
In Part Five "Captured" the Anderson twins tie dad to a chair and cut off his legs with a skill saw.
"Invaders From Hortalon"
The twins strike a deal with the Hortalon. Or do they?
"Invaders II"
is not available at this time, but will be posted here as soon as possible.

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