"Super Jeffie" is a series. The episodes are posted in order below.

"Super Jeffie Finds God"
Super Jeffie finds god.
"God Is Grumpy"
Jules and Super Jeffie try to wake god.
"God Talks"
God talks.
"A Super Jeffie Special: Behind The Cloth"
Here we go behind the scenes for interviews with
the stars, rare off-camera antics, and SJ blowing a hissy fit.
The very pinnacle of budget stop-motion.
"The Pool"
There's a problem with the pool... and with god.
Jeffie shows us his stain.
"The Motorhome"
We're off to the storage place to view god's old motorhome.
"Getting Ready"
Jeffie cleans the motorhome, god has other ideas.
"The Plant"
The boys pack up the motorhome, and Jules drops by.
Coming soon... The origins of the super one,
and the re-release of "Super Jeffie Takes a Shit".
Watch this space for more!

Last updated Sept 2004
2004 Wes Bay