"A Visit With The Little Guy" is the first episode. Newer episodes are at the bottom.

"A Visit WithThe Little Guy"
In episode one, the little guy is saved by a weird doctor and god. The origins of his "super powers".
"An Alien and The Little Guy"
The Little Guy politely refuses an anal probe. Wouldn't you?
The third episode: LG hits the beach.
"Surf's Up""
Episode four: LG hits the foam, unaware of the the effects of cold water. (Wink wink, nudge nudge...)
LG gets a visit from his half-brother Levar.
The Little Guy remembers Christmas with his first wife.
More cartoon nudity, as LG celabrates Haunaka
"Subversive Santa"
LG sings!
"LG 2033""
What does the future hold for LG?
"The Snowpenis"
LG gets another visit from his half-brother Levar.
"Toilet Boy"
Don't you hate it when you're trying to pee and they won't shut up?. A rude one.
Cartoon injury, and a trip to the clinic.
"Peep Show"
This one is rude. It got complaints. Must be a good one.
LG has his paddle stolen. Karma isn't far behind.
Mmmmm... forest fish!
"The Contest"
Back to the beach! With Levar.
"Trick or Treat"
The Halloween special. In Choice-O-Vision.
"The New Cat"
LG and Levar purchace a "special" feline.
*NEW* - LG and Levar try to save the world with a new car. Go green!
*NEW* - LG and Levar revive the old act. Oh no.

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