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Since 1999 Wes Bay Films has been dedicated to bringing you your personal internet entertainment needs. Just have a look around the site. Something for everyone. Hundreds of content items, music, cartoons, and mayhem - and no ads!

Wes Bay films have been shown at festivals such as the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal, Broadcast on Canadian and American Television, and featured on many well-known web sites.

"Wes Bay Goes Pharump in Nevada" won top honors at the 2006 High Desert Shorts International Film Festival, winning "Lulu's" for "Best Animated Short Film" and the "People's Choice Award" as the audience favorite... Thanks Pahrump!

Watch for Wes Bay Films on the CBC in Canada, and on Comedy Central in the US. New shows coming this soon!

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Last updated Sept 2006
2004 Wes Bay
What to expect when you view the films:

The Little Guy
LG, and sometimes his brother Levar star as the guys "that aren't from around here, thats for sure". Episode one gives you the origin story. Levar is introduced in "Kwanza".

King Fu
Okay, okay he's a LOT like Bush. So sue me.

Poor, poor Sharon. These Stories outline the perils of avoiding a frank talk with your kids, and disscuss behavior and role models presented by society to young children. Sick, sick shit.

Super Jeffie
The very best in stop-motion fun. Stars Super Jeffie and his pals Jules and god. Watch the series for the special "Behind the scenes" episode. Real fun. Download the nude pin-up poster desktop pic here.

An early series, and a real favorite. Short moral tales presented by, um, weeds. One for each letter of the alphabet. Almost.

Art Films Showcase
The Art Films Showcase presents a new set of movies every now and again. Watch for fancy "arty" movies with punch, new versions of "Nicegirls", "Real Nature World" and much more.

Wes Bay Music

That's right. Music. Lots of it. Check the music links to the left. There's the collections "Places to Avoid", "Imagine This!" and a few pieces of piano music including some most interesting bits. All the music in Wes Bay films is written and performed by Wes.

Wes Bay Radio!

If you can find the link... (It's on the blog page) Podcasts for your ride to the office. Work may never be the same.
...and more!

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